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By signing up to GG, you’ll get a stream of weekly game recommendations, as well gaming discussions, lists, and deal round-ups — plus a friendly Discord server to talk about what you’re currently playing!

You can read more details below, but first, a bit about me: I’m a journalist at Business Insider, and I used to be a full-time video games journalist. I wrote for Edge, Vice (Waypoint), PC Gamer, IGN, GamesRadar, and many others. I’m @SamuelHorti on Twitter.

You’ll get…

Game recommendation posts will come once a week in the “Good Games everyone should play” series, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. What the game is, why it’s special, and links to excellent writing about it. Expect a mix of new releases and classics.

On top of this GG series, you’ll get occasional:

Discussion posts, either focusing on an aspect of that week’s game, or on another gaming topic. Comments encouraged!

In deals posts, I’ll alert you to big discounts on excellent games.

Lists are, you know, lists. The best RPGs, the top 10 games newcomers to video games should play, etc.

And last but not least, the GG: Good Games Discord community. If you want to meet new, friendly people while playing games, head on over for a chat. You’ll get the invite link when you subscribe.

I’m at sphorti@gmail.com if you want to reach me.

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