The 10 games anyone who's new to gaming should play — help me make the list

I'm drawing up a list of the 10 games anyone who's new to gaming should play, and I'm looking for your suggestions. Here are the three key criteria:

  1. The games must be good, obviously.

  2. The games must be accessible to new gamers. They should be easy to understand, and not rely on existing knowledge of other games in the genre.

  3. The list must span genres, giving new gamers a taste of everything gaming has to offer.

Any thoughts? I'm at very early stages, and honestly, I haven't put a single game on the list. I'm thinking I want a battle royale on there, but I'm not sure which one. And maybe one of The Sims games, too.

Write your suggestions in the comments, and I'll start building the list, to publish in the next few weeks.